Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Taz

What can I say. The Taz has been a good girl lately except of course for the little anoying things she does every day. She loves her baby sister so much she likes to try to take her out of her seat, of course by her neck. Well I'm sure she thinks she can pick her doll up that way why not her sister! She has just turned two so she still has a whole year to be in her terrible twos so there will be so many more things she will be into. Makes good writing!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Taz

What can I say about my little Taz? She keeps mommy guessing and wondering what she will do next. One of these days I'll stop by to see her and mommy's hair will have turned from blond to gray. Everyday is a new adventure and today was no exception.

Taz got a hold of mommy's new bottle of bright red nail polish and decided to paint her toes, legs, arms, feet, and the bedroom rocker! I asked mommy if she had her sights set on being a cosmotogolist. Mommy says, "If she gets old enough!"

A new day is coming and mommy will look back and laugh, but right now.....well........

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Taz is at it again

She is at it again. Little miss TAZ slipped out after everyone had gone in for the night and went to the neighbors to watch television with them. I guess she decided she wanted to be with friends and not family! Yes stronger locks need to be installed for this little one.

A bit scarry to think she can unlock doors now and come and go when she wants to. This usually happens when the child is in the teen years when she wants to meet the boyfriend on the sly.