Friday, September 3, 2010


Well daddy's neckties got sent to the cleaners after they were used as cleaning rags to clean up mommy's makeup.

Let me see, where do I begin. Dare I say that the Taz found something else to do with makeup? If the Taz doesn't do something in her life that centers around bling, glitz, shoes, handbags,or makeup my guess is way off!

Mommy put everyone down for their nap after lunch the other afternoon and she proceeded to get a few things done. She fixed herself a sandwich and started on cleaning up the kitchen. She took a bite of sandwich then washed a dish, and so on. You know how it's done mommies!

After about an hour mommy decided to check on her sleeping angels. One by one she tiptoed around, opened doors, then quietly closed doors. Of course she left the best for last. A good thing.......for when she opened the door on her bedroom, where she had put the Taz, she gasped in horror. Her heart took a leap into her throat and she sprinted across the carpet to check on her darling, who was laying prostrate on the bed, wearing only a pair of panties, and her hands were laid out and crossed across her chest. Her face, chest, and hands was smeared with red and to mommy it looked like blood. What could she have gotten into? I've locked up everything she thought.

The rise and fall of the Taz's chest told mommy that she was in deep slumber. By the time she stood by her bed she saw daddy's ties laying strewn from the bed back into the bathroom. Like she was leaving a trail of bread crumbs back into the bathroom where she could go back and try on more makeup. Each tie was clearly showing the tell tale sign of mommy's makeup!

Mommy walked into the bathroom to discover the full scale of the Taz's makeup makeover. Every eyeshadow, lipstick, blush, and mineral powder she owned was splayed on the sink and counter. What am I going to do with this girl?

Knowing full well that her anger would probably get the best of her mommy turned around and walked out and shut the door behind her. I'll deal with this when she wakes up!

And that she did!