Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Oh the Taz has been quiet.....that is until now. Mommy was busy in the kitchen and realized it was pretty quiet. She started looking for the girls. She found them alright. The Taz was sitting next to little sister (6months) with her foot in little sister's mouth letting her suck on her toes!!! If that wasn't enough about an hour later Mommy found her in the bathroom decorating it with the mess from her diaper. Now it is time to potty train the Taz if you ask me. I remember those days very vividly when I caught one of them decorating the walls, crib, and themselves with the mess from their diapers.

The next day I upset the Taz. I picked up her big brother for a movie day. The Taz went into the bedroom and got her blanket, pillow, and baby doll and handed them to me. She then took my hand and proceeded to lead me out the door. "Me go too."

I had to tell her tomorrow was her day. I felt bad leaving her behind crying but it was big brother's day with grandma. Another day little Taz.

Friday, November 20, 2009

TAZ and My Birthday

I was overwhelmed when my seven year old grandson asked me out for my birthday. He wanted to take me to Sonic. When I picked him up his little sister, the Taz, wanted to go along too. He said it was alright. Little does the little guy know she will always be his tag-a-long! My two red heads.


The Taz was here today, only for a short time, but she was like an 8.0 on the richter scale. Into the pantry, picking out what she would like to eat, then running with it when I tell her to put it back. She tip toed into the office and picked up her favorite pillows, they have ribbons on them to hang, but she puts them on her arms for purses. Then it was off to push her sister down on the carpet and sit on her. Just wait until the little one is bigger and is able to defend herself. The Taz will be running from her.....maybe. All in all, no matter what, I love that little red head but she sure is a handful!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Well the Taz is into ballet dancing. Her other grandmother bought her pretty pink shoes, leotard, and the tu tu. She is dancing and twirling all over the house tripping mommy and anyone else that gets in the way. Mommy had her picture taken in her new ballet outfit. Talk about posing. What a camera hog. Will she be a dancer, comedian, singer, etc????

Friday, November 13, 2009


The Taz has been quiet for a while. She is getting close to the terrible twos and we all thought she was entering this phase early. She's been up to the usual getting into mommys makeup, trying to pick up baby sister by the neck, and taking her brother's toys and then running.

That pretty little pixie face framed with her red hair, mostly hanging in her eyes, and those eyes. Yes the deepest blue eyes you've ever seen. A person could get lost gazing into them. They are like looking up and seeing the deepest blue sky you've every imagined.

She's already had her share of the flu this season. But she is up and running now and ready for Christmas. Yes, Christmas!