Thursday, June 24, 2010


This is her famous words "nuzzing, nuzzing Mommy." When she answers with this Mommy knows she's been up to or into something. Such was the case last night.

Three years ago we took a trip to Branson for Eyore's dance competition. He was four at the time. We took Eyore's big brother plus his cousin. Mommy was eight months pregnant with the Taz I might add. Since this was their first time to Branson Mommy wanted to take in all the sights between competition.

Our first trip was to Silver Dollar City. They had a vendor that made a cast of your hand in colored wax. Big brother had his done in yellow, Eyore and gma had one done holding hands in blue was, and cousin had one done in hot pink. We wrapped them so carefully so they would make the trip home in one piece. They were kept in shoe boxes until recently when Eyore got his own room, then it was proudly displayed on his book shelf. That is untill last night.

Mommy was changing Bee's diaper when Taz walked up to her trying to get something off her hands. She kept rubbing her hands together then brushing them off. Mommy asked her. "What were you into?"

"Nuzzing, nuzzing Mommy."

Mommy knew from that answer she had been into something. She finished with the baby and went upstairs. She didn't have to look very far. At the top of the stairs she saw the trail of tiny, deep blue, waxy pieces leading into Eyore's room. She looked at the bookshelf and saw the empty space where the wax hand once sat.

Another day in the life of the Taz!!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Shopping With The Taz

Mommy and I have been going swimming every morning so we decided to get weights to help us in the pool. To loose weight of course. I was already out and about so I told her I'd meet her at the sports store. When she pulled into the parking lot I got out of the car and walked over to where she pulled. I opened the back door to get Bee out and from the other side of the car big brother and his friend bailed out.

Big brother's friend jumped out and turned around to help the Taz out. "Noooooooo Taz put your dress down. Where are your panties?"

From behind me I hear "Nooooooooooooo when did she do that. Where's her panties? Start looking."

Mommy starts digging into diaper bags, seat pockets, and her purse to see if she just happened to put another pair of panties somewhere. I starting laughing and said. "Just put one of Bee's diapers on her."

"I didn't bring diapers. I wasn't planning on being out long."

Everyone was busy unloading the rest of the kids when a man stopped Mommy pointing to the Taz and said. "I think that one needs to go to the bathroom."

There stood the Taz dress held high for all the world to see her naked bottom. Mommy said thank you and walked over to get her with a pair of panties she finally found at the bottom of her purse.

Everyone finally made it into the store. I had the Taz in my basket, Mommy had Bee in her basket, and big brother took Eyore and friend and we all spread out. The Taz was tame for the rest of the trip which ended up to be an hour by the time we found the swimming weights we were looking for.

I asked Mommy if her shopping trips were all this exciting. She said, "Mom you wouldn't believe."

Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday Blues

This morning I stopped by to see my babies. It was a long week end with out seeing them. As soon as I walked in the door I yelled Mema's here. No one answered. Mommy was changing a diaper on her day care toddler. I yelled again and still no answer. I turned to Mommy and asked "Where is everyone?"

"They're upstairs playing."

I no sooner asked where everyone was when I turned around and here comes the Taz, naked as a jay bird! "Where are your clothes girl?"

She maybe almost three but sometimes I have trouble understanding some of her jibberish. I asked her again where was her clothes. She ignored me and pranced over to the couch and sat down to watch Sponge Bob.

I heard a giggle and looked up the stairs to see a little head peering around the post. She had a big bruise under her eye. "Mommy how did my little girl get that?"

"Well Mom look at the Taz's forehead and you will see another one. One fell off the couch and landed on the coffee table and the other ran into the side of her princess bed!"

Not only are they close in age and little Bee flits behind the Taz it looks like they are going to compete with boo boo's too.

Life is going to be interesting as they get older!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Taz and Bee

The Taz has a little sister and her name is Bee. Bee is one year old and follows the Taz everywhere she goes, and I might add tries to do what the Taz does. That is until Mom catches Taz and gets after her then Bee takes off in the other direction. As if to say "It was her, not me."

Mommy is truly going to have her hands full as these two little girls get older. I see Bee following, as I think she is the follower of her big sister, and then both getting into trouble.

Mommy got a new six week old puppy today for her birthday. Actually big brother and Daddy brought the puppy home last Friday to surprise Mommy. Well the Taz thinks it's her puppy and carries it everywhere, that is until Mommy tells her to let the puppy walk by its self, then the puppy is put down. I might add put down not too gently.

All in all...........the Taz and Bee.......will be back tomorrow with more adventures.

Monday, June 14, 2010

The Taz

Another weekend with the Taz. Have you seen the commercial for Toy Story 2 where the children are let loose in the store and they run in all directions after the toys? Well when my three grandchildren hit the door and run down the long hallway of my home that is what I see. They are not bad children, on the contrary. They are good but they are so full of energy. I feel like I'm getting one out of a situation when another is into something else and I'm running back and forth all day.

I'm sure it's not all that bad but sometimes I think I'm getting too old for this! No, I need to take more vitamins so I can keep up, that's it!

After lunch I sat in the rocker with the one year old to rock her to sleep and we put the Taz on the couch so she could watch The Grinch and hopefully take a short nap too. Our grandson went up stairs with Pepaw to watch television. The baby fell asleep pretty quick but the Taz, well from doing flip flops on the couch to jumping down, then rolling all over the couch, the Taz would not give in to nap time.

Pepaw just happened to come downstairs so he picked her up and took her to the bedroom. Within ten minutes he was out with her, blanket in tow, and she was put in her corner. He went back upstairs. Within five minutes she woke the baby up. Now I've got one who is ready to hit the floor again and play and one that is supposed to be ready for nap but won't give up.

I sat on the floor and played with the baby while telling the Taz to lay down, go to sleep. Within fifteen minutes she was out. She had finally gotten still......stopped figitting around. Now to keep the one year old away from her! I put the dog fence up in the alcove where the Taz was sleeping. This did the trick. Then I felt bad.....the Taz looked like she had been caged!

All's well that ends well. Taz was down for an hour and ready to go again. Mema got an ice cream sandwich out and sat both girls on my lap. One on one leg and the other on the other leg. I gave the sandwich to Taz and she took a bite then gave sister a bite until the sandwich was gone.

Four hours later children were picked up and Pepaw and Mema relapsed on their recliners exhausted, but happy!

Friday, June 4, 2010

The Gentle Taz

Yes a gentle Taz for a change. I stopped by to help Mommy out yesterday so she could run and pick a child up from school. The Taz was playing with her doll and carriage. As I watched her there was another side to this little girl. She gently picked her baby up and cradled its head with one hand and held her back with the other. She brought her doll over to me and carefully placed her in my arms. She bent her closer to me and whispered. "Shhhh be quiet Mema."

With so many babies in the house she has been watching Mommy do this with the babies. I'm impressed with how the Taz has watched Mommy and is now following in her footsteps. There is hope then that she will outgrow being the Tazmanian Devil!!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dinner with Mema and PePaw

When I said yes we would watch the three little ones yesterday afternoon I didn't realize how much exercise I'd be getting. Who needs the gym with a one year old, two and half year old, and a seven year old that is hyper active!

All three are beautiful and I love them so very much but have you ever had three running in circles and you're trying to catch at least one and then you spot another one taking a nove dive in the dog's water dish?

I took them outside to run some extra energy off and that was a wrong move. All the flowers are now gone from one pinching each bud off, right to the nub. I turned the water on so we could water together. wanted to run through the water, one wanted to take the hose out of my completely, and the other, well let's just say, the other complained that it was too hot outside.

I put them inside, I turned the water off, and came back to the door.....and found it locked! The television was blarring, babies were screaming, and I was locked out. I started banging on the door to let Mema in when I saw down the long hall way PePaw come through the front door. He started laughing and headed to the door to let me in. He said. "Guess you'll have to find a place to hide a key in case that happens again."

There better not be a next time!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Breakfast at IHOP

It started out as an easy day so I decided I would ask my daughter if she would like to go have breakfast at IHOP. No one else in her family will go with her so we try to go when we have time. She has an in home day care and the only had two children, oh yes, her own two little girls too, one being the TAZ.

I thought that shouldn't be too bad. Surely how much trouble could four llittle ones be. True the two little ones my daughter was watching were perfect angels and I do mean angels. No screams, yelling, or crying. They ate what was set before them and drank all their milk.

Then there was the TAZ and her llittle sister. Oh I do hope she is not following in her big sister's foot steps. The Taz was up and running as soon as we all sat down. First she had to go to the bathroom NOW. Then when she got back to the table she didn't want to sit next to Gma. She wanted to sit next to Mommy. Well that was alright as I had little sister in her high chair next to me. I can handle her plus the little boy too.

The Taz was coloring, but only for a very short time. Her attention span is not very long, but then I guess at two and a half that is to be expected. We ordered and now the big wait was on. Please hurry the food. The Taz jumps up and starts walking around the table, we are sitting in the middle of the room. She starts walking faster and faster. Mommy tells her get over here and sit down. Do I have to take you to the bathroom for a good talking to?

The Taz stops and looks at Mommy and walks over to baby sister. She gives her a big, and I do mean big hug from behind. Baby sister doesn't want anything to do with bear hugs and starts to cry. Mommy tells Taz get in her chair. Was this a good idea or not? This is not relaxing for me and I'm sure not for Mommy. No wonder Mommy doesn't get to finish a meal!

An hour of grabbing for the Taz as she walks by, feeding pancakes to baby sister and little boy, holding sippee cups, cutting sausage into little bites, and oh my............I'm frazzled!

Someday both girls will be big.......yes and that's not too far off.......and we will think back on these think?