Saturday, August 28, 2010

Taz's Birthday


I was gone for the Taz's birthday so yesterday I took her to lunch and shopping. When I picked her up at home she was all ready in her pink skirt, pink and white shirt, socks and shoes, and pretty pink ribbons held up her two pony tails. The picture of cute and innocence.

She got into the back seat and buckled in to her booster chair and chatted all the way to Wal Mart. I was waiting for the real Taz to show up.....

She took my hand as soon as she got out of the car and told me to watch out for the cars. Everytime a car came close to us she nudged me back out of the way. A perfect little girl watching out for grandma.

We walked up to the counter at McDonald's and I asked her if she wanted chicken nuggets or a hamburger. She pointed to the toys she wanted in the happy meal. I asked her again if she wanted nuggets or hamburger. She said. "Hamburger and I have to go potty grandma."

I handed the girl money and she said. "Go ahead and I'll hold your meal until you get back."

With a thank you I took the Taz's hand and headed for the bathroom. With that all out of the way we made our way back to get our lunch. I was surprised when the Taz ate all her lunch like a proper little lady. I was expecting her head to spin and food to go flying. At least mom says she acts like that at home!

With our drinks in hand I looked for a basket to put our purchases in and of course our drinks and let my purse ride instead of hang on the shoulder. We went up one isle with all the pretty dolls and furry pets that barked, meowed, and growled when you pet them. On down the next isle. By the time we made it half way down the second isle the Taz says. "Go back to the other one."

We head back down the last isle again and she heads straight for a box with blankets in it, picks it up and puts it in the basket. "Are you sure you want that one?"

"Yes grandma."

I couldn't figure out why she wanted blankets. They were doll blankets but if that was what she wanted who was I to say get something else. I decided to get her baby sister something too so I picked up the cute little puppy that walked and barked. After all I could play with it too!

I felt bad just buying the Taz blankets so we looked at another dog in a bag. The Taz loves bags! The dog barked too and growled but he was also very soft. The Taz nuzzles with soft cloth be it a blanket, pillow, or even their new live puppy.

After an hour we headed home with our prizes to show mommy. When we walked out of Wal Mart the Taz held up her hand to stop the traffic so we could walk across the street to the car.

As soon as we walked in the door she handed the box of blankets to mommy who promply took them out of the box. The Taz grabbed only the one that was the softest.......just like her blanket she takes to bed and drags around every day to cuddle with. That was all she wanted out of the box.....that one blanket!

All in all the Taz was the perfect little princess with grandma. Now we're waiting for the real Taz to surface.