Friday, September 3, 2010


Well daddy's neckties got sent to the cleaners after they were used as cleaning rags to clean up mommy's makeup.

Let me see, where do I begin. Dare I say that the Taz found something else to do with makeup? If the Taz doesn't do something in her life that centers around bling, glitz, shoes, handbags,or makeup my guess is way off!

Mommy put everyone down for their nap after lunch the other afternoon and she proceeded to get a few things done. She fixed herself a sandwich and started on cleaning up the kitchen. She took a bite of sandwich then washed a dish, and so on. You know how it's done mommies!

After about an hour mommy decided to check on her sleeping angels. One by one she tiptoed around, opened doors, then quietly closed doors. Of course she left the best for last. A good thing.......for when she opened the door on her bedroom, where she had put the Taz, she gasped in horror. Her heart took a leap into her throat and she sprinted across the carpet to check on her darling, who was laying prostrate on the bed, wearing only a pair of panties, and her hands were laid out and crossed across her chest. Her face, chest, and hands was smeared with red and to mommy it looked like blood. What could she have gotten into? I've locked up everything she thought.

The rise and fall of the Taz's chest told mommy that she was in deep slumber. By the time she stood by her bed she saw daddy's ties laying strewn from the bed back into the bathroom. Like she was leaving a trail of bread crumbs back into the bathroom where she could go back and try on more makeup. Each tie was clearly showing the tell tale sign of mommy's makeup!

Mommy walked into the bathroom to discover the full scale of the Taz's makeup makeover. Every eyeshadow, lipstick, blush, and mineral powder she owned was splayed on the sink and counter. What am I going to do with this girl?

Knowing full well that her anger would probably get the best of her mommy turned around and walked out and shut the door behind her. I'll deal with this when she wakes up!

And that she did!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Taz's Birthday


I was gone for the Taz's birthday so yesterday I took her to lunch and shopping. When I picked her up at home she was all ready in her pink skirt, pink and white shirt, socks and shoes, and pretty pink ribbons held up her two pony tails. The picture of cute and innocence.

She got into the back seat and buckled in to her booster chair and chatted all the way to Wal Mart. I was waiting for the real Taz to show up.....

She took my hand as soon as she got out of the car and told me to watch out for the cars. Everytime a car came close to us she nudged me back out of the way. A perfect little girl watching out for grandma.

We walked up to the counter at McDonald's and I asked her if she wanted chicken nuggets or a hamburger. She pointed to the toys she wanted in the happy meal. I asked her again if she wanted nuggets or hamburger. She said. "Hamburger and I have to go potty grandma."

I handed the girl money and she said. "Go ahead and I'll hold your meal until you get back."

With a thank you I took the Taz's hand and headed for the bathroom. With that all out of the way we made our way back to get our lunch. I was surprised when the Taz ate all her lunch like a proper little lady. I was expecting her head to spin and food to go flying. At least mom says she acts like that at home!

With our drinks in hand I looked for a basket to put our purchases in and of course our drinks and let my purse ride instead of hang on the shoulder. We went up one isle with all the pretty dolls and furry pets that barked, meowed, and growled when you pet them. On down the next isle. By the time we made it half way down the second isle the Taz says. "Go back to the other one."

We head back down the last isle again and she heads straight for a box with blankets in it, picks it up and puts it in the basket. "Are you sure you want that one?"

"Yes grandma."

I couldn't figure out why she wanted blankets. They were doll blankets but if that was what she wanted who was I to say get something else. I decided to get her baby sister something too so I picked up the cute little puppy that walked and barked. After all I could play with it too!

I felt bad just buying the Taz blankets so we looked at another dog in a bag. The Taz loves bags! The dog barked too and growled but he was also very soft. The Taz nuzzles with soft cloth be it a blanket, pillow, or even their new live puppy.

After an hour we headed home with our prizes to show mommy. When we walked out of Wal Mart the Taz held up her hand to stop the traffic so we could walk across the street to the car.

As soon as we walked in the door she handed the box of blankets to mommy who promply took them out of the box. The Taz grabbed only the one that was the softest.......just like her blanket she takes to bed and drags around every day to cuddle with. That was all she wanted out of the box.....that one blanket!

All in all the Taz was the perfect little princess with grandma. Now we're waiting for the real Taz to surface.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

At The Beach

Well this is going to be short and sweet. My three babies are at the beach enjoying the sand and the sun. I'm going to have to call and see what they are doing and what they have done!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New Month

My little Taz has been quiet......well quiet for her anyway. I went over to the house this morning and she wasn't up yet. Now mind you it's 9:30 and no one was up, only Mommy and the two children she was watching.

We were sitting there talking when this little red headed girl peeks around the corner from Mommy's bedroom. Her hair hanging in her eyes and flying every which way. I don't know how she can see where she is going!

She runs over to Mommy and jumps in her lap. "Hey Taz I haven't seen you in a week." She buried her head in Mommy's boosom.

I then went upstairs to wake big brother and get Bee out of her bed. I couldn't find Eyore. His bed was full of toys and boxes! Mommy asked me if he was in big brother's bed. "No."

"Then he must be in Taz's bed."

My goodness I've never seen such a family that likes to bed hop. You never know who's going to be in who's bed in the morning! Then again Mommy was like that when she was little.

When I left I took a hold of Taz's nose and told her I was going to keep it. Her hands flew to her face and she felt around for her nose, and she smiled. That goes way back to when I was a child when my daddy did that to me!

Further adventures of the Taz, Bee, and Eyore......stay tuned!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


This is her famous words "nuzzing, nuzzing Mommy." When she answers with this Mommy knows she's been up to or into something. Such was the case last night.

Three years ago we took a trip to Branson for Eyore's dance competition. He was four at the time. We took Eyore's big brother plus his cousin. Mommy was eight months pregnant with the Taz I might add. Since this was their first time to Branson Mommy wanted to take in all the sights between competition.

Our first trip was to Silver Dollar City. They had a vendor that made a cast of your hand in colored wax. Big brother had his done in yellow, Eyore and gma had one done holding hands in blue was, and cousin had one done in hot pink. We wrapped them so carefully so they would make the trip home in one piece. They were kept in shoe boxes until recently when Eyore got his own room, then it was proudly displayed on his book shelf. That is untill last night.

Mommy was changing Bee's diaper when Taz walked up to her trying to get something off her hands. She kept rubbing her hands together then brushing them off. Mommy asked her. "What were you into?"

"Nuzzing, nuzzing Mommy."

Mommy knew from that answer she had been into something. She finished with the baby and went upstairs. She didn't have to look very far. At the top of the stairs she saw the trail of tiny, deep blue, waxy pieces leading into Eyore's room. She looked at the bookshelf and saw the empty space where the wax hand once sat.

Another day in the life of the Taz!!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Shopping With The Taz

Mommy and I have been going swimming every morning so we decided to get weights to help us in the pool. To loose weight of course. I was already out and about so I told her I'd meet her at the sports store. When she pulled into the parking lot I got out of the car and walked over to where she pulled. I opened the back door to get Bee out and from the other side of the car big brother and his friend bailed out.

Big brother's friend jumped out and turned around to help the Taz out. "Noooooooo Taz put your dress down. Where are your panties?"

From behind me I hear "Nooooooooooooo when did she do that. Where's her panties? Start looking."

Mommy starts digging into diaper bags, seat pockets, and her purse to see if she just happened to put another pair of panties somewhere. I starting laughing and said. "Just put one of Bee's diapers on her."

"I didn't bring diapers. I wasn't planning on being out long."

Everyone was busy unloading the rest of the kids when a man stopped Mommy pointing to the Taz and said. "I think that one needs to go to the bathroom."

There stood the Taz dress held high for all the world to see her naked bottom. Mommy said thank you and walked over to get her with a pair of panties she finally found at the bottom of her purse.

Everyone finally made it into the store. I had the Taz in my basket, Mommy had Bee in her basket, and big brother took Eyore and friend and we all spread out. The Taz was tame for the rest of the trip which ended up to be an hour by the time we found the swimming weights we were looking for.

I asked Mommy if her shopping trips were all this exciting. She said, "Mom you wouldn't believe."

Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday Blues

This morning I stopped by to see my babies. It was a long week end with out seeing them. As soon as I walked in the door I yelled Mema's here. No one answered. Mommy was changing a diaper on her day care toddler. I yelled again and still no answer. I turned to Mommy and asked "Where is everyone?"

"They're upstairs playing."

I no sooner asked where everyone was when I turned around and here comes the Taz, naked as a jay bird! "Where are your clothes girl?"

She maybe almost three but sometimes I have trouble understanding some of her jibberish. I asked her again where was her clothes. She ignored me and pranced over to the couch and sat down to watch Sponge Bob.

I heard a giggle and looked up the stairs to see a little head peering around the post. She had a big bruise under her eye. "Mommy how did my little girl get that?"

"Well Mom look at the Taz's forehead and you will see another one. One fell off the couch and landed on the coffee table and the other ran into the side of her princess bed!"

Not only are they close in age and little Bee flits behind the Taz it looks like they are going to compete with boo boo's too.

Life is going to be interesting as they get older!