Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New Month

My little Taz has been quiet......well quiet for her anyway. I went over to the house this morning and she wasn't up yet. Now mind you it's 9:30 and no one was up, only Mommy and the two children she was watching.

We were sitting there talking when this little red headed girl peeks around the corner from Mommy's bedroom. Her hair hanging in her eyes and flying every which way. I don't know how she can see where she is going!

She runs over to Mommy and jumps in her lap. "Hey Taz I haven't seen you in a week." She buried her head in Mommy's boosom.

I then went upstairs to wake big brother and get Bee out of her bed. I couldn't find Eyore. His bed was full of toys and boxes! Mommy asked me if he was in big brother's bed. "No."

"Then he must be in Taz's bed."

My goodness I've never seen such a family that likes to bed hop. You never know who's going to be in who's bed in the morning! Then again Mommy was like that when she was little.

When I left I took a hold of Taz's nose and told her I was going to keep it. Her hands flew to her face and she felt around for her nose, and she smiled. That goes way back to when I was a child when my daddy did that to me!

Further adventures of the Taz, Bee, and Eyore......stay tuned!

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