Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Shopping With The Taz

Mommy and I have been going swimming every morning so we decided to get weights to help us in the pool. To loose weight of course. I was already out and about so I told her I'd meet her at the sports store. When she pulled into the parking lot I got out of the car and walked over to where she pulled. I opened the back door to get Bee out and from the other side of the car big brother and his friend bailed out.

Big brother's friend jumped out and turned around to help the Taz out. "Noooooooo Taz put your dress down. Where are your panties?"

From behind me I hear "Nooooooooooooo when did she do that. Where's her panties? Start looking."

Mommy starts digging into diaper bags, seat pockets, and her purse to see if she just happened to put another pair of panties somewhere. I starting laughing and said. "Just put one of Bee's diapers on her."

"I didn't bring diapers. I wasn't planning on being out long."

Everyone was busy unloading the rest of the kids when a man stopped Mommy pointing to the Taz and said. "I think that one needs to go to the bathroom."

There stood the Taz dress held high for all the world to see her naked bottom. Mommy said thank you and walked over to get her with a pair of panties she finally found at the bottom of her purse.

Everyone finally made it into the store. I had the Taz in my basket, Mommy had Bee in her basket, and big brother took Eyore and friend and we all spread out. The Taz was tame for the rest of the trip which ended up to be an hour by the time we found the swimming weights we were looking for.

I asked Mommy if her shopping trips were all this exciting. She said, "Mom you wouldn't believe."

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