Monday, May 31, 2010

The Crayon

Grandma isn't always getting the stories of what the Taz is doing. After church yesterday we stopped by to see our babies. The Taz greeted us as we walked in the door wearing nothing but a pretty blue t shirt. She stood at the long hallway grinned and took off running for the kitchen.

We followed and found the kids sitting at the kitchen table eating the rest of their breakfast. Then it began. "Gma she's been so bad this morning."

I looked at that pretty little face with her strawberry blond hair hanging in her eyes. She looked back to the picture she had started coloring and preceeded to fill in the leaves on the flower stems. For a two and a half little girl she was staying pretty much within the lines of the leaves with the green crayon. How could such a darling little girl be so bad?

There was much talking all at once with brother telling us they had a sleep over, hugging first gmpa then gma all the while chattering. Even baby sister joined in with her jabbering. Next thing I know Taz stood up for all the world to see her shinning bottom. I gave it a small love tap and told her to go get her big girl panties on. She gave me a stern look and yelled "Papa"!

Papa put his apple struedle down and came over to see what she wanted. "What is it darlin'".
She looked at me then back at gmpa. "Mema joijkkdjkwmm jekjgig meensoo lwhenr." All the while pointing her finger or rather her crayon back and forth from me to him.

Gmpa started to laugh, first because he couldn't figure out what she was saying past the Mema point, then because she looked so funny standing in the chair, hair hanging in her eyes, only wearing her blue t shirt, and pointing her green crayon back and forth between him and gma. Before he could say anything the green crayon made a swipe down the front of his white shirt. She turned her back on both of us and began coloring again.

It happened so quickly that I turned my head and started laughing. By this time mommy made her way back into the kitchen. "Mom she's been so bad this morning I can't begin to tell you what all she's done. First off she threw one of the dogs off her bed. And I mean threw him off. I don't know what I'm going to do with her."

"Dear it's one day at a time. One day at a time."

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