Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Breakfast at IHOP

It started out as an easy day so I decided I would ask my daughter if she would like to go have breakfast at IHOP. No one else in her family will go with her so we try to go when we have time. She has an in home day care and the only had two children, oh yes, her own two little girls too, one being the TAZ.

I thought that shouldn't be too bad. Surely how much trouble could four llittle ones be. True the two little ones my daughter was watching were perfect angels and I do mean angels. No screams, yelling, or crying. They ate what was set before them and drank all their milk.

Then there was the TAZ and her llittle sister. Oh I do hope she is not following in her big sister's foot steps. The Taz was up and running as soon as we all sat down. First she had to go to the bathroom NOW. Then when she got back to the table she didn't want to sit next to Gma. She wanted to sit next to Mommy. Well that was alright as I had little sister in her high chair next to me. I can handle her plus the little boy too.

The Taz was coloring, but only for a very short time. Her attention span is not very long, but then I guess at two and a half that is to be expected. We ordered and now the big wait was on. Please hurry the food. The Taz jumps up and starts walking around the table, we are sitting in the middle of the room. She starts walking faster and faster. Mommy tells her get over here and sit down. Do I have to take you to the bathroom for a good talking to?

The Taz stops and looks at Mommy and walks over to baby sister. She gives her a big, and I do mean big hug from behind. Baby sister doesn't want anything to do with bear hugs and starts to cry. Mommy tells Taz get in her chair. Was this a good idea or not? This is not relaxing for me and I'm sure not for Mommy. No wonder Mommy doesn't get to finish a meal!

An hour of grabbing for the Taz as she walks by, feeding pancakes to baby sister and little boy, holding sippee cups, cutting sausage into little bites, and oh my............I'm frazzled!

Someday both girls will be big.......yes and that's not too far off.......and we will think back on these days..................you think?

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