Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Taz and Bee

The Taz has a little sister and her name is Bee. Bee is one year old and follows the Taz everywhere she goes, and I might add tries to do what the Taz does. That is until Mom catches Taz and gets after her then Bee takes off in the other direction. As if to say "It was her, not me."

Mommy is truly going to have her hands full as these two little girls get older. I see Bee following, as I think she is the follower of her big sister, and then both getting into trouble.

Mommy got a new six week old puppy today for her birthday. Actually big brother and Daddy brought the puppy home last Friday to surprise Mommy. Well the Taz thinks it's her puppy and carries it everywhere, that is until Mommy tells her to let the puppy walk by its self, then the puppy is put down. I might add put down not too gently.

All in all...........the Taz and Bee.......will be back tomorrow with more adventures.

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