Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dinner with Mema and PePaw

When I said yes we would watch the three little ones yesterday afternoon I didn't realize how much exercise I'd be getting. Who needs the gym with a one year old, two and half year old, and a seven year old that is hyper active!

All three are beautiful and I love them so very much but have you ever had three running in circles and you're trying to catch at least one and then you spot another one taking a nove dive in the dog's water dish?

I took them outside to run some extra energy off and that was a wrong move. All the flowers are now gone from one pinching each bud off, right to the nub. I turned the water on so we could water together. wanted to run through the water, one wanted to take the hose out of my completely, and the other, well let's just say, the other complained that it was too hot outside.

I put them inside, I turned the water off, and came back to the door.....and found it locked! The television was blarring, babies were screaming, and I was locked out. I started banging on the door to let Mema in when I saw down the long hall way PePaw come through the front door. He started laughing and headed to the door to let me in. He said. "Guess you'll have to find a place to hide a key in case that happens again."

There better not be a next time!

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