Monday, June 14, 2010

The Taz

Another weekend with the Taz. Have you seen the commercial for Toy Story 2 where the children are let loose in the store and they run in all directions after the toys? Well when my three grandchildren hit the door and run down the long hallway of my home that is what I see. They are not bad children, on the contrary. They are good but they are so full of energy. I feel like I'm getting one out of a situation when another is into something else and I'm running back and forth all day.

I'm sure it's not all that bad but sometimes I think I'm getting too old for this! No, I need to take more vitamins so I can keep up, that's it!

After lunch I sat in the rocker with the one year old to rock her to sleep and we put the Taz on the couch so she could watch The Grinch and hopefully take a short nap too. Our grandson went up stairs with Pepaw to watch television. The baby fell asleep pretty quick but the Taz, well from doing flip flops on the couch to jumping down, then rolling all over the couch, the Taz would not give in to nap time.

Pepaw just happened to come downstairs so he picked her up and took her to the bedroom. Within ten minutes he was out with her, blanket in tow, and she was put in her corner. He went back upstairs. Within five minutes she woke the baby up. Now I've got one who is ready to hit the floor again and play and one that is supposed to be ready for nap but won't give up.

I sat on the floor and played with the baby while telling the Taz to lay down, go to sleep. Within fifteen minutes she was out. She had finally gotten still......stopped figitting around. Now to keep the one year old away from her! I put the dog fence up in the alcove where the Taz was sleeping. This did the trick. Then I felt bad.....the Taz looked like she had been caged!

All's well that ends well. Taz was down for an hour and ready to go again. Mema got an ice cream sandwich out and sat both girls on my lap. One on one leg and the other on the other leg. I gave the sandwich to Taz and she took a bite then gave sister a bite until the sandwich was gone.

Four hours later children were picked up and Pepaw and Mema relapsed on their recliners exhausted, but happy!

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